In order to configure the Advanced Settings you will have to open the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Workstation Manager.
Look for the Thinfinity® VNC icon in the tray bar, click on this icon and select the 'Settings' option.
On the next topics you will find a detailed explanation for each tab of the Thinfinity® VNC Manager:
The Settings tool main menu is composed by the two sub menus that follows:
File Menu:
The File Menu is composed by the following options:
Allows you to choose different languages for the application.
Click on the Language that you want the application to work with.
English is the default language.
Click on this option to exit the Thinfinity® VNC Manager.
Help Menu:
The Help Menu is composed by the following options:
Takes you to the application online Guide.
Buy Thinfinity® VNC
Takes you to the Cybele Sofware Buying page, so that you can purchase your Thinfinity® VNC.
About Thinfinity® VNC
Click on the About to see the application version and build number.
On the Thinfinity® VNC Manager 'General' tab you will find the following options:
Screen Sharing
Uncheck this option to disable Screen Sharing connections to this machine.
File Transfer
Uncheck this option to disable File Transfer connections to this machine.
Status message
The bottom message shows you the Thinfinity® VNC Service status. If the icon is green, it means Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Workstation service is working, if it is red, you will have to review the Communication Settings.