The 'Security' tab includes the Authentication settings and also the options to Manage the SSL Certificate.
If you want to learn how each of these features work, click on the related link above.
On the Thinfinity® VNC Manager 'Security' tab you will find the following options:
Manage SSL Certificate
Icon Tray Actions Password Protection
Choose the level of authentication for the user's access to Thinfinity® VNC. Users will still need to authenticate afterwards against the computer they connect to if they 'File Transfer'
No authentication for Thinfinity® VNC access. This is only recommended for local access.
Set your own credentials for Thinfinity® VNC access authentication.
Windows Logon
Manage the authentication with the Windows Active Directory. When you enable this option, type the 'Allowed Users' in the box below, separated per line or using a semi-colon.
Press this button to access the options for replacing the default Thinfinity® VNC installed certificate with your own.
Chose the level of security when accessing Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Workstation Manager
No authentication when closing or accessing Thinfinity® VNC Manager
Exit Only
Ask for password when closing Thinfinity® VNC
Exit and Settings
Ask for password when closing and accessing the Thinfinity® VNC Manager
Always remember to press 'Apply' in order to save the changes.