Display Preferences

The Screen Sharing 'Display' tab presents you with the following options:
Color Depth
Choose the color depth for the remote computer view.
Choose whether you want to use the 'Remote' (remote machine resolution) or 'Local' (accessing machine resolution) resolution .
Image Quality
The connection image quality is a directly related with the application performance (higher quality = lower performance).
The default Image quality is 'Optimal', because it presents the best cost benefit between quality and performance cost. If you need to have more quality or better performance, take a look at the other options below:
'Highest' - Works only with PNG images and has no compression (0% compression)
'Optimum' - Combines PNG and JPEG images (20% compression).
'Good' - Works only with JPEG images (40% compression)
'Faster' - Works only with JPEG images (50% compression).