The architecture for a Thinfinity® VNC deployment is composed of:

  • A Server Machine running Thinfinity® VNC

  • Thinfinity® VNC Web Client (which loads on an HTML5 browser)

Thinfinity® VNC acts as a secure, high-performance HTTP / WebSockets server, which serves the web pages needed to run the Thinfinity® VNC Client on the web browser.

When the end-user accesses the Thinfinity® VNC main page and enters the appropriate connection parameters, the Thinfinity® VNC Web Client communicates with the server machine, using Ajax and WebSockets (if available) to start the connection to the remote-end.

Once the connection is established, the server machine will RFB commands, optimize them for the web, and send the resulting data stream to the Thinfinity® VNC Web Client.

The remote computer can be accessed from any OS platform through any HTML5 compliant browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge , etc.


With Thinfinity® VNC any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS user can remote into Windows Desktops.

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