Thinfinity® VNC

Thinfinity® VNC is an HTLM5-based solution that allows users to access their remote machines by taking full control of the Windows machine sharing their Windows Desktops.
Thinfinity VNC is designed to provide the easiest and most secure alternative for remote assistance to your end-users.
Installing, configuring and troubleshooting applications remotely has never been easier. Now, with Thinfinity VNC you can access your Windows desktop computer from any device without the need of installing any plugins, add-ons or browser extensions. It provides support for remote access from Windows, macOS and Linux. All you need is an HTML5-enabled browser to access your resources.
Thinfinity VNC offers the fastest streaming experience, allowing for a smooth and consistent interaction with the main Windows computer. By applying proprietary technology, we managed to minimize latency issues (such as mouse pointer drag) for the fastest remote access experience ever.
We know how important security is these days. For this, we included a set of features in-line with the latest security standards in the market. Thinfinity VNC supports all SSL VPNs, including Cisco and Juniper. We managed to provide the best connection, driven by a high-performance, firewall-friendly, HTTP/WebSockets server. Thinfinity VNC will automatically switch to HTTPS for browsers that don’t use WebSockets. Active Directory and Azure AD are fully supported and can be configured in a matter of minutes.
Why Thinfinity® VNC?
  1. 1.
    Cross-browser, Cross-device, Cross-platform and requires zero-client setup.
  2. 2.
    Offers two connection modes: Screen Sharing, and File Transfer.
  3. 3.
    It delivers great and unique features: File Transfer, Flexible authentication methods, Remote Printing and much more.
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